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all the cool toddlers are doing it

Alright kids, it’s baby mohawk time. Mateo’s got a new ‘do. Watch out world! You already know the backstory from my last post. ;) There’s really no reason to plan these things. Baby mohawk = always a good thing. That’s probably a fact.

before toddler mohawk

The real story is that last Saturday afternoon I decided to trim Mateo’s hair. Myself. At soooome point, I realized we weren’t headed in a good direction. It happens, sorry son. I sent a quick text to my friend, Angela, to see if she owned a hair trimmer. I crossed my fingers and two seconds later I got this text back: “Yes! Let’s give him a Mohawk!”

Why not?

Quite honestly, I can’t believe he was so late to the Mohawk game. IT’S ABOUT TIME. This kid was born ready for a haircut and just asking for styling. I’m pretty sure the first thing I said when he was handed to me in the hospital was, “He has a hairdo!”

born with rockstar hair


I really didn’t envision that Mateo would be such a willing participant. Seriously, look at that calm boy! (↓) We went for the same trick I used to take his 19 month photos. (Disney’s “Cars” OnDemand). I donno, sometimes TV just really is the answer. Direct quote: “Best $2.50 I ever spent.” —Angela Stone.

toddler mohawk - haircut

baby getting a toddler mohawk

The best part is that Mateo can sport his mohawk casually & incognito, OR really work the ‘hawk to its full potential with some styling. ;) Oh man, look at him in the “AFTER” styling below. Is he feeling it or what? I think I spy a little attitude!

before and after baby mohawk


I love how Angela looks at Mateo, so sweet! They’re buddies. “An-ja” was one of the first non-family names he learned. :) And looks like someone is proud of her work. ^^ I have a feeling she would have done this a long  time ago if she had the chance!


Those last two photos were thrown in just for those who have expressed sadness at Mateo’s disappearing rolls. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of chub left on this little bear. :)

Ooh, and aren’t his little vintage sweatshirt and jacket adorable? I got them for a crazy steal on a thrifting trip last week. I should do a post on that sometime. Come to think of it, that last excursion was with the lovely Angela & Mateo. Huh, we’re a fun group. ;)

And don’t worry, Mateo smiles. Just not when I have a camera out. ;) Or when he’s doing serious things…like watching “Cars.”



I don’t know about you guys, but this week just FLEW BY for me. A little too quickly!