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jet lag much, Mateo?

We’re HOME. Back in Chicago, that is! :)

Last night we slept in our own  bed. Well, Aki and I did. Mateo managed to negotiate out of his crib and into our bed. We meant  to transfer him back to his room when he fell asleep. Instead we were woken up at around 4 am to someone  laughing and jumping around while yelling “ready, set, GO!!” (rye-yyy, thet, GO!!) and then proceeding to (not so gently) crash and land on whichever unsuspecting parent was closest. Good morning!

As you can see, that same little man seems to have expended all that energy. THIS is what happened during lunch today. hahahaha. I couldn’t believe it. He just started nodding off mid chew and then he was O-U-T. I was a little worried about getting him to nap today but he solved that.

And of course, you know me. I had to take some photos. Just too funny.toddler jet lag: toddler asleep at the tableIf you’re wondering what was served up for the midday meal, the kiddo gobbled down a peanut butter and fig jam sandwich along with a couple spinach pierogis. (AKA, what we had in the fridge/freezer).


UPDATE: that NAP lasted for 15 hours. Oh my, that boy was tired. I actually tried to wake him up at dinner time so that he could eat and play a little (hoping to offset some of that jet lag). Nope. I changed his clothes, moved him twice, even yelled out that I saw a BIG TRUCK. Nothing.

jet lag ain’t got nothin’ on Mateo. mama could use a nap.

toddler - first day in Split, CroatiaHello Split, Croatia! We’re HERE. We left a warm, bright and sunny Chicago day and arrived in Split on another warm, bright, sunny day 12.5 hours later.

We were met at the airport by lots of waving, hugs and kisses from Aki’s parents, Mateo’s “baka” (grandma) and “dida” (grandpa). Smart ones they are; Mateo was greeted with a little toy train. He was “choo-choo-ing” until the very moment he finally gave in to sleep (on the way home from the airport).

We’re settled into our apartment for the next couple months. (If you can call open suitcases “settled”). We’re just down the street from baka and dida and two blocks from Split’s Old Town. I’m anticipating lots and lots of visits and daily walks and exploration.

Knock on wood, little Mateo seems to be on Croatian time already. He fell asleep on the way from the airport (5:30 pm) and slept until 8:30 am (with a little play session/sleep-break at 11pm). He took his afternoon nap at his normal time and has been eating meals on Croatian schedule. I donno, if you want advice on instantly beating jet lag, don’t ask me. Ask Mateo. Although pretty sure he’d rather talk about cake, trains, monkeys, giraffes, BIG airplanes, and/or elephants.

Mama on the other hand, I’m a lil’ jetlagged. The boys slept like champs, but I was awake most of the night. It was nice to be greeted by palm trees and sun yesterday. Today is rainy and overcast. And that is okay by me. Today is a recovery day.chubby, rainy toddler knees. Split, CroatiaWhen we were in Chicago, Croatia felt like a world away. It felt like ages since our last visit (eight months ago). Funny though, as soon as we entered town it felt like yesterday. It was like no time had passed at all.

I’ll be back with a clearer head and lots more photos soon. I’m in a bit of a haze at the momento. I think I better ask Mateo if he has any advice for me.first day of jet lag in croatiaPS  Aki deserves an award. He’s already back at work today, working remotely. (!!) His reward will be a date with his zombie wife. We’re thinking to go get some local mussels tonight. Baka and dida have already agreed to babysitting duty. :)


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