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renegade craft fair. Mateo style

renegage-craft-fair1One of the (many) reasons that I love living in Chicago are all of the festivals and street fairs. I especially love the Renegade Craft Fair. It’s a “curated” street market showcasing “indie-crafters,” designers, and all things handmade. You’ll find everything from ceramics to fashion and every bit of fabric construction and illustration between. It’s just such a colorful and creative place. I always feel so encouraged and inspired to see so many independent creatives pursuing their passions. Renegade has been setting up in Chicago since 2003 and has grown to Austin, Brooklyn, London (UK), Los Angeles, and San Francisco over the years. So GO if you have the chance. :)

This year “Uncle Christian” (my brother) tagged along with us. *Fun fact: Renegade Craft Fair was actually Mateo’s very first Chicago street fair. Ah yes, a milestone for a city boy. :) I took him two years ago when he was just two teeny weeks old. Hmm, looking back that was a little crazy.

I originally planned to do a “favorites of Renegade” type of post. Oh, haha.  Yes, it would have been fun to show you of all the amazing tents and the GOODS – buuuut Mateo was not in the mood to linger. Maybe next year. ;)

I love the feeling of being PART of the city. And sometimes it’s such a small world! Christian ran into a friend/artist who had a booth this year and I ran into the lovely Sarah of Hand and Cloth at their tent (who I met at Angela’s Hen Party a couple weeks ago)! Oh, you should check them out (here)! They carry the most gorgeous Kantha blankets and textiles (straight from the artisans who stitch them together). I mean really, it’s so hard to choose!

And we didn’t go home empty handed! The prints by Sally Harless caught my eye. Her “Goldmine” Series is so fun and I love that it’s about the discovery of hidden confidence, optimism and courage. They’re all so sweet. I picked up this baby for my baby! We’ll have to find a spot for it in Mateo’s room. sally-harlessAnd of course wild-child had a blast. Mainly because it’s super-fun to run amok in the street and climb all over everything, ya know. ;)renegade-oohrenegage-pianorenegage-piano-2renegage-mateo-look-uprenegade-teo-runningrenegade-walkingrenegate-happy-waverenegate-street-funrenegade-handsI’m really itching to start painting, or drawing, or I donno, cut some paper at the very least! It’s so good to feel inspired. Thanks Renegade Craft Fair. ;)renegade-until-next-year**If you enjoy this blog, show your love and “like” the post or Hey, share it with someone. Afterall, sharing is caring. ;)

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The piano Mateo is playing in the street (!) is part of a program by Keys 4/4 Kids. Division Street in Chicago was lined with pianos during the Renegade Craft Fair as part of their “Pianos on Parade” program which pairs local artists with youth and has them artistically transform pianos together. These pianos are then placed around the local community for all to play and enjoy. The goal of Keys 4/4 Kids is to Inspire young people to believe in themselves through the arts and mentorship. There is power in art and music. Read more about them (here).