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this one goes out to Mommy

serenadeI was totally serenaded last night. By a two year old. ^^ It was all so unexpected. :)

I was up on our back porch. Mateo was down in the yard digging in his sandbox (as per usual). He saw me up there in the window (Juliet style, ya know). And all the sudden, he stops, makes direct eye contact, and starts singing “Bow, Wow, Wow.” Now for those of you not  in the know — here are the lyrics to that lil’ ditty:

Bow Wow Wow, Whose dog are thou?

I am (insert name)’s dog

Bow Wow Wow

When Mateo got to the (insert name)  portion, he starts pointing at me (again, with the direct eye contact) and sings, “I am MOMMY’s dog, bow wow, wow.” And THEN, wait for it…

He POINTS at me (again) and shouts, “Happy Birthday, Mommy.” (not my birthday).

Oh, that little man knows how to make a lady feel special. :)toddler serenade

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