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jet lag much, Mateo?

We’re HOME. Back in Chicago, that is! :)

Last night we slept in our own  bed. Well, Aki and I did. Mateo managed to negotiate out of his crib and into our bed. We meant  to transfer him back to his room when he fell asleep. Instead we were woken up at around 4 am to someone  laughing and jumping around while yelling “ready, set, GO!!” (rye-yyy, thet, GO!!) and then proceeding to (not so gently) crash and land on whichever unsuspecting parent was closest. Good morning!

As you can see, that same little man seems to have expended all that energy. THIS is what happened during lunch today. hahahaha. I couldn’t believe it. He just started nodding off mid chew and then he was O-U-T. I was a little worried about getting him to nap today but he solved that.

And of course, you know me. I had to take some photos. Just too funny.toddler jet lag: toddler asleep at the tableIf you’re wondering what was served up for the midday meal, the kiddo gobbled down a peanut butter and fig jam sandwich along with a couple spinach pierogis. (AKA, what we had in the fridge/freezer).


UPDATE: that NAP lasted for 15 hours. Oh my, that boy was tired. I actually tried to wake him up at dinner time so that he could eat and play a little (hoping to offset some of that jet lag). Nope. I changed his clothes, moved him twice, even yelled out that I saw a BIG TRUCK. Nothing.


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