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a beautiful day in Italia

toddler wedding outfit: toddler suspendersWe’re in Italy! Specifically we’re in the Lazio region just outside of Umbria. It’s beautiful. Today we attended the most beautiful wedding…ever. Really, absolutely beautiful. Congrats to my cousin Justin and to his gorgeous Italian bride Irene! xoxoxo.

So much family, so much delicious food and wine and incredible scenery. I have so many more photos, and so many more little details to share, but right now I’m exhausted!italian-wedding-garden

Mateo’s highlights: For sure playing in the aftermath of all the rice thrown at the bride and groom after they exited the church. :) Mateo got pretty excited and demanded “me throw rice too.” :) He also approved of the jazz band at the garden reception. :) And the pasta of course. Good times.

italian-wedding---riceitalian-weddingWe have so many photos but it’s rare to catch all three of us in the same shot! This is definitely a day I want to remember — so glad we snuck in a few family portraits. :)family portrait with a toddler: Italian wedding(thank you SO much to my sister, Elizabeth for taking these).


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