this child is filthy

dirtAnd…THIS ^^ is what Mateo looked like after his big family birthday party in our backyard yesterday.

The big T-W-O was successfully celebrated with LOTS  of food (yum), lots of presents (I think he’s set for the year), and lots of family (nineteen of us to be exact – from three different states).happy-second-birthday-partyThe highlight of Mateo’s day?? Cake? Presents? Games? Nope — This dirt box was king. Literally a cardboard box filled with dirt. He never wandered too far from his trucks and that dirt. Which is pretty much the story of every other day. Of course yesterday he had his second cousins as company & invited a few new presents to the mess. ;) That elephant is new and two other children also ended their day looking like they’d been working in a coal mine. Maybe we should invest in a sandbox. :/dirt-boxMost unexpected? How hard it was to convince the kid to open his presents. He had a whole mountain of them. Definitely more than he’s ever seen. He dug right in, but when the FIRST package was a TRAIN — he was done. We tried to entice him with all the other wrapped goodies. Nope, he excused himself and took that little train to his dirt box. ha.presentstrain…and then there was cake. Cake got his attention. ;)cakeThere are more photos…but Mateo is awake and we have a full house of guests right now. So let’s just call this part 1. I’ll be back another day with part 2. Talk to you then! xo

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12 Thoughts on “this child is filthy

  1. Look at the little man! He is the cutest and funniest little guy ever! LOL! Happy birthday, Mateo!

  2. This looks like THE BEST birthday celebration ever!
    Happy birthday, young man!

    • at two they don’t require much. Cake and some dirt = heaven. ;)

  3. a train, dirt and cake…a two year old’s heaven much!
    looks like a fab party.
    LOVE mateo’s t shirt, thomas was my all time fave growing up :)

    • It’s the one shirt he picks out himself. That and a pair of dinosaur pajamas. :)

    • The shirt was his cousin’s (aka my son’s) and I can still remember when my guy was teeny enough to wear it. Makes me a little sad thinking about it. BUT, I love seeing cute l’il Mateo rocking Thomas old school. ;-)

      • claire // this little house:

        Ah i love that this t shirt has been passed down to mateo. Just when i thought a two year old couldn’t be any cooler it now turns out he rocks original vintage ;)
        Liking the thomas appreciation running through the family, i think it’s time for caleb’s first introduction.

  4. Yay!!
    What a happy, pleasant afternoon!
    I have been to 3 1st birthdays in the last few months – and It was the first time I’ve ever seen a kid not want to open gifts.

    The train basically sums it up though.
    No surprise here.

    • ha, I think I was the one who was itching to see what he got. Can’t lie…his toys are fun to play with. :)

  5. Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday!

  6. He is just the HANDSOMEST! Happy second birthday, little dude! That cake looks seriously fab…

    Maria xx

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