this is how we stroll: Split, Croatia style

Split, Croatia at Night: Traveling in Europe with a Toddler

So here’s the thing. Toddlers go to sleep between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. At least this one does. At home, that’s a beautiful thing. At home that leaves hours of evening free-time. Hours of necessary decompression (from toddler) time laid out on the sofa. ;) But when you’re away  from home, the sofa is just so much less attractive.

It’s hard to stay inside on these warm nights when you know that the cafes are buzzing, the sea is so calm, and candles are flickering on restaurant tables.

So we don’t stay in.

We’ve learned from traveling, that the stroller is our friend. Strollers are beds on wheels.

Our strategy is to take a quiet route in the evening and put Mateo to sleep. From there we either continue walking (I can’t get enough!), grab a drink, or even have a meal at a quiet restaurant. If we go to a restaurant we just choose a table that has an easy (roll away) escape route in case Mateo stirs.

We’ll see if the same strategy will work this year. Last year in Croatia we only had one dinner cut short, and maybe a handful of times where one of us had to take a quick shhhhh-ing round with the stroller for a minute or five. Of course there was that one day in Venice, Italy where the stroller strategy was a complete no-go. Not bad stats overall though!

This year we’re lucky. My sister will be joining us in a month (hello babysitter), and as soon as Mateo adjusts, his grandparents have volunteered to watch him every once in awhile at night as well (when we’re in Split).

Last night we put Mateo to sleep in the stroller and had a really lovely walk by the sea and through old town. Like I said, I can’t get enough. It always amazes me that Aki grew up steps from the Adriatic Sea and all of this HISTORY. Split is built around the walls of an old Roman palace!

At home, we always opt for a babysitter. But it’s nice to know that (although we have to be flexible), we aren’t prisoners to the toddler schedule. It’s just good to know!

Guys, I have more photos but Mateo is jumping on me yelling “outside, outside, goooooo!” (literally). So, we’re going to go outside.

Let’s catch up later! xo

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10 Thoughts on “this is how we stroll: Split, Croatia style

  1. kate:

    The stroller/bed sounds like a fantastic compromise, and Mateo gets to go on little journeys even if he isn’t aware! How wonderful. I can only imagine how lovely evenings in that city must be!


    • I love evenings. :) Everything just feels so much more chaaarming. :) Ha, I’m writing this from BED tonight though. Some nights a cozy bed and a laptop win! Luckily there are lots more to take advantage of yet!

  2. You are inspiring me to one day (when I have a babe of my own) go away for a month or a year or so and live in another part of the world. New dream. :) It is such a gift you are giving him, and yourself.

    • You know, I have an aunt and uncle who have taken their kids to stay a month in a different country (also while working remotely) three different years and before Mateo was ever in the picture I knew I wanted to be able to do that. I think seeing someone else make it casually happen makes you realize it’s possible! :) It’s also cheaper to stay a month somewhere while renting an apartment than staying two weeks somewhere at a hotel interestingly enough.

  3. oh henna, looks like you guys are having an amazing time! loving mateo’s bed on wheels, so the way forward rather than being on lock down each night.
    thank you for your lovely, thoughtful comment yesterday, means a lot in this difficult time.
    i’m enjoying getting lost in your lovely pictures and posts. ahh holiday time me thinks….

  4. lol “Strollers are beds on wheels.” I wish someone could roll me around while I slept sometimes…it would help with the jet lag. ;)

    From what I’ve seen through your photos, Croatia looks beautiful! I’ll be waiting for when your sister comes so you and the hubby can spend some quality time together (which is always well needed)!

    Greetings from London, BTW!

  5. So glad to hear you’re having a lovely time. You’re so lucky that Mateo sleeps or at least is quiet when you two are at dinner. Those days are long gone for us. I miss those days. Enjoy them!

  6. Looks like you guys are having a great time whilst also keeping it real ;) Good tip re the stroller! One to keep in mind for the not so distant future!

    Maria xx

  7. Esther Martin:

    I think we’ve met a couple times at the Tomes’, but you probably don’t remember me. Anyways, I just wanted to say that your photos are absolutely beautiful!!! I am not a huge follower of blogs, but I confess that I have spent quite some time reading through your posts. They are stunning :-)


  8. Pero:

    I’m glad I found this blog page about my native town. Beautiful photos and a useful story for patents traveling in Split with a toddler. It looks like a fairytale. I’ll use to link your story on my Split waking page.

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