this is joy

this is joy - happy toddler dubrovnik, croaiaToddlers are cute, but not super interested in being cooperative. A lot of the time they aren’t.

But ya know what, this guy is pretty awesome. I love that he cannot contain his joy. I love that he sings and dances and shouts. I can’t complain that he is “spirited” because that’s how I’ve raised him. I love that I dance and yell and sing more often when he is around. :)

This photo was taken last weekend in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Aki and I were there for part of our honeymoon four years ago. That visit was more leisurely – wine, mussels, cafes, repeat. This visit had more beach time, more walks, more pigeon chasing, more toy trucks on restaurant tables, more playgrounds. Mateo was filthy by the end of every day. The kind of filthy that makes his parents look (a little) irresponsible. But ah well, that’s usually a measure of a good day in his book.

Speaking of, if you’re ever in Dubrovnik and wondering where the good playgrounds or outdoor play courts for kicking around a ball are, oh man, we’ve got all the inside info! ;)

We’ve been getting lots of questions about Croatia as well as requests for recommendations on places to visit. I’m hoping to work on a post just for you guys, but until then please join our FACEBOOK page if you want chat. I’m there! :)

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9 Thoughts on “this is joy

  1. You know that meme, dance like there’s no one watching … Yeah. That. :-) Sounds like you all are having an amazing time. Wish we were there, too.

  2. So good. I love how little ones express themselves with their entire body. And I love the stripe of grey. I always struggle with feeling like I have to have an even number of vertical photos and they have to create combos of pretty diptychs or they don’t make it on the blog. This is a good solution. :)

    • YES, that’s totally it. Expression with their entire body. :)

      Ah yes, the dilemas of blog layouts. ;) Ha, I like that you notice sorta the “behind the scenes” of solving vertical photo sizing/placement. ;)

  3. marie:

    Love that photo! Your boy looks sooo happy :))

    • I love that I actually captured this happy moment! I have lots of photos of him focusing deeply on things, but I usually miss these super happy moments. :)

  4. Just how kids should be – uninhibited – and yes – a little bit grubby by the end of the day. Somehow it just doesn’t work as well for us parents though!!

  5. Maja Ivanović:

    Enjoying your blog, Henna, it’s getting me ready for our trip home (from Michigan to Croatia) (to visit the grandparents) with our daughter Emma, who is 18 months now.
    Big hug to your lovely family and the little man :-) xxxx

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