toddlers, dinosaurs, & trains OH MY

This set-up occupied Mateo’s entire Saturday morning. A winning combo, I’d say.toddlers-dinasaurs-&-trainstoddler & dinosaursfavorite toddler toystoddler toy favoritestoddler toysThese are Mateo’s favorite things (this minute anyway). I wish I had a smiling photo to show you ’cause that would be cute. BUT…truth is, when Mateo is playing it’s a very serious matter. Very serious indeed.

I did ask him if he’d smile for a photo. He said “no Mom.” Then “go Mom.” So there’s that.

HAPPY WEEKEND everyone! xo

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4 Thoughts on “toddlers, dinosaurs, & trains OH MY

  1. Gahhhh! The cuteness! Did he really set all that up himself? I love it! I’m surprised he didn’t try to get his monkey and shopping cart in there, too. But that was probably oh-so-half-a-year ago… :-)

  2. Aw little boys and dinosaurs are a match made in heaven! Seriously cute photos x

  3. marie:

    haha my boy dislikes smiling for the camera too! and he loves playing with toy cars, same as your little boy. :)

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