toddler-bikerunning-after-aravistoddlers-look-both-ways-before-you-crossaravis-and-mateoMateo has been having a hard time adjusting — To his new schedule, to “Auntie” moving out (that post), to less family around in general.

We spent the summer in Europe together. Together-all-the-time. And even when we returned home to Chicago, my brothers were with us for a month, my parents visited twice, we had out of town guests, and a big extended-family birthday party.

We’re back in the normal swing of things. But Auntie is missing, his closest buddy Lawrence started preschool, and Mateo has his own twice weekly “school.” Some kids jump right in, but Mateo has been having a hard time of it. In the morning, he’s been asking to hold my hand INSIDE the house.

Yesterday we decided to go pay a visit to two of his closest friends, Aravis and Everett in the suburbs. Mateo was down for that plan, especially since “mommy come too.” Oh, he’s quite smitten with Aravis. I think he likes that she bosses him around. And she likes that he’s a wild child. :) Aren’t those three adorable together?!

Their mama, Catherine is one of my oldest friends. We have one of those friendships where we (seemingly) have little in common, but we connect in all the important ways. Yesterday we packed a dinner, walked to a nearby park and spent the evening eating, talking, and letting the youngins’ get dirty.

Catherine and I have both gone through a lot of transitions over the last few years. We’re still figuring out our identities as mothers, and how we can maintain our creativity and dreams in the chaos of having a young family.

                              .  .  .

Yesterday may have been the last real day of summer in Chicago. We started this week in the high 90s (Fahrenheit) and we’re ending it in the 60s. I’m glad we got to spend it outside with friends. :)

I’m ready for fall. Transitions are good. They can be a little bumpy, but there are good things ahead. I know it.

HAPPY FRIDAY! Oooh-eee, it’s FRIDAY THE 13th! :)

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2 Thoughts on “transitions

  1. I appreciate your realness and sense of calm. Reflection is so important, as is time spent with friends.

  2. Catherine:

    Man, I can’t believe I’m just NOW getting around to seeing this post. I’m so glad that we get to figure things out together. Someone told me today that I haven’t yet “transitioned” into motherhood because I still do so many things for MYSELF. My thought is, hey, just because I’m a mother, doesn’t mean I’m not a person! I read somewhere recently that mothers want 3 things: 1) time with their kids, 2) financial security, and 3) a sense of identity. I’m not sure it was in that order, but I think that number 3 often becomes the third (and least paid attention to) priority. I’m glad to have you as a friend that wants to have those dreams and creativity. Seeing that someone else is pursuing those things (like this blog) motivates me to NOT ignore my third priority. And remember, don’t let the spark of creativity be overcome by the desire for financial security. :) Thanks for the post, I love the one of the 3 of them standing together. And Everett’s monster-style chasing of those 2 pals. I hope they all stay friends like we have, even if gray and rainbow are their favorite colors.

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