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This day sure did sneak up fast! And we’re off to Croatia! We aren’t leaving until this evening but it’s a hustle and a bustle of last minute packing over here. You know, that last minute shuffle of trying to find chargers and sandals and wondering just HOW many pairs of shoes is TOO many pairs of and I meant to wake up early but we were just too exhausted. Instead we were awakened by a happy voice yelling over the baby monitor:

“Henna! Henna! Henna? All Done, Henna! Hennaaaaaa!” coming from a certain toddler’s bedroom.

THAT KID! Not “mama,” not “Mommy,” not even “Mom.” Just Henna. I donno, he must have woken up and thought, I’m about to take an international trip. I’m a man of the world now, enough with this “mama” business. Silly boy. It was definitely the comic relief we needed. We both got out of bed laughing. Love you, Mateo! :)international-man-of-mysteryI had every intention of packing light, light, light but somehow I managed to fill my whole suitcase. Do I really need everything? Maybe. We’re going to be gone for almost two and 1/2 months. And to be fair I am sharing my suitcase with Mateo. But to be fairer, I could have done more editing.summer-packingI still need to sort out a few things on my laptop  before we leave and I’m a little nervous thinking that I must be forgetting things, but so far the biggest catastrophe has been that I can’t find Mateo’s clip on suspenders. Catastrophe in my world, but not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

I think we’ve got the main things covered.spicy-packing


Those of you who check in with us on facebook know about my little “talk” with Mateo last night.

me: Mateo, want to go on an AIRPLANE tomorrow?!!

Mateo: yeah!

me: are you going to be good on the airplane?


Mateo: nope

Oh dear, he’s not giving us much confidence. Hopefully he’ll be a flying champ like our last trip. (below). Next time we check in, we’ll be in CROATIA! Wish us luck! :)blog-traveling

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15 Thoughts on “travel day

  1. never too many shoes!!
    have the most amazing time! looking forward to your holiday posts.
    hope mateo is the perfect travel buddy ;)
    eh and how good is the roll and pack trick! doesn’t crease as much and leaves plenty of room for those ‘i’ll just bring them too’ pair of shoes!
    safe journey x

    • haha, same wave length! I rolled up my wardrobe. Was mighty proud of myself for how little room it took up and then proceeded to stuff my bad with shoes, scarves, and whatever else us girls “can’t” leave home with. :)

  2. I love that you’re instilling a love of travel and adventure in Mateo at such a young age. And, I love that you and Aki are up to all the challenges that come with traveling with a high-spirited little one. :-) Mark Twain said, “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” How lovely to find out that through all your travels with your little family, you love them even more. And vice versa. Bon voyage!

    • I like that. :) And you know, the high-spirited ones seem to do well on adventure. Mateo is a little firecracker who is happiest with action and people. :) And definitely, travel with family is so important. It’s important to get outside of daily routine every now and again. And what a lucky bonus to still like each other after. ;)

  3. Angela:

    ha. love the wake up call. what a funny guy.

    ps. great shoes!

    • Silly boy and sillier every day. :) And THANKS about the shoes, ha. I’d “pin” them. ;)

  4. How exciting, though!! Packing is stressful – with a little one and without – so I feel you. But really, when you think about it, what’s the worst that can happen if you leave something behind? You just buy a replacement out there!

    Hope he was good for you on the planes – must have been a loooong journey!

    Maria xx

    • We made it to the other side! :) Mateo was a champ on the planes. There were a few bumpy moments (no one got much sleep) but really, it all went to well and now that we’re HERE it’s all just a distant memory. ;)

      And totally about packing…as long as I have my camera, sandals, a couple maxi dresses (and maybe some mascara)….pretty sure I can survice. :) Mateo can be naked. :)

  5. Have a safe and peaceful flight! I LOVED that you brought SriRacha along hahahaha a girl after my own heart.

    I’ll be in Chicago in June, too bad you won’t be around. It would’ve been rad to meet for coffee and go on a photo adventure with the kiddos.

    Hope you enjoy your trip. I cannot wait to see your photos and hear your stories. You’ve got a way with words.

    • haha, so ridiculous! SriRacha is for me, Cholulua is for Aki. :) I LOVE Croatian food, especially Aki’s region. So much fresh seafood. Food is one of things I most look forward to when I come to Croatia (and traveling in general). But we’re staying for long enough this time to know that our spicy cravings are going to kick in by the end. Gotta be preemptive. ;) haha

      OOOOH, I can’t believe you are going to be in Chicago! You’ll have to let me know when it happens again. Coffee and photo adventure raincheck for sure!

  6. You look like your Mama!!…….have a safe trip!

    • Thanks, we’ll try! :) And especially thanks…I hope I age like my mama as well. :)

      • You will…we have that good Asian blood in us! LOL!!…..I remember when you were born…and now you have a beautiful Son!!..your Grandfather would be so HAPPY!!
        I have many storys about your Mom and Aunt and Uncle…I remember the day they came to America and I was 6 yrs old…I didn’t even know your Grandfather had a family. LOL!

  7. Ting:

    Beautiful photos!

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