we were together


We were together.

I forget the rest.

—Walt Whitman


I feel like I’ve been trying to catch my breath for the past couple weeks. And this weekend, I think I finally did. We slipped away from the city for a day. Just a day. And it was great. Sometimes you don’t have to go far. Just far enough from all those things that stir up anxiety, from all of those things that have been piling up. It’s just too insufferable to always feel like you’re trying to catch up. I can’t. I give up. I’m here. At whatever pace, I’m moving forward. I’m not behind, just here.

There is a lot of good around me right now, just not enough TIME (or energy). I have to let go of the way I want to organize my life and just accept the constraints that I’m working with. Who knew that being a (disorganized) mother of a toddler was so exhausting?! huh. It’s not really Mateo, it’s the desire to execute the thousand creative ideas I have spinning in my head that makes me feel so inept.

What else? You wouldn’t know it from the blog, but if you follow me on facebook, you know that my friend Angela and I launched a vintage baby shop, Ingrid & Oliver. It’s even cuter than it sounds. That definitely deserves its due share. But in the meantime, for those who are curious, click over to our Ingrid & Oliver facebook hangout to see what we’re all about.

I know it’s been quiet around here. Sorry mom! :) If you miss me when it’s quiet on the blog, you can bet I’m on Instagram every day. My handle is:hennablossom. I don’t know about you, but I neeeed some type of creative outlet. Daily. I don’t know why it took me so long to get into Instagram. I wish I’d started a long time ago. Even on those days when I just can’t get a photo shoot together, or any time at a computer to write, edit, or learn…I can take a photo with my iphone. It’s fun to pay attention to the little details, save a memory, or just play around in a tiny visual medium. I’ve also discovered some incredibly creative people. There are so many photographers, stylist, and artists that blow my mind. Sometimes they make me feel boring, untalented, and messy, but usually they give me an extra boost of inspiration. And then there’s my wanderlust. I wish I was out there traveling, but because I’m not, I love seeing the world secondhand. I’m glad someone is out there exploring! And I’ll be exploring my own waters over here.

Oh we DID get out there in “the world” this weekend. Ha, yes we made it all the way to Indiana to visit my parents. And I did manage to take out my camera. I love that capture up there ^^ of Mateo & Aki. :) Teo is so big now, but really, still so tiny. We had so much Fall fun this weekend. And we were together. Not tag teaming, together.

I just love everything about this season. Everything and everyone looks better with an Autumn backdrop. I have a TON of photos for the blog. I’ll probably split them up into a few posts. So watch out for that.

For a bit there, I actually wondered whether I was ever going to blog again. Oh Henna, it really doesn’t have to be ALL or NOTHING. Truly.

I’m back. I missed this. And missed you too.

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16 Thoughts on “we were together

  1. kate:

    Good to see you back! :D I totally know how it feels to have so much going on, it’s difficult to sit down, take a breath, and blog. But it sure feels nice to get a post up. And this one is wonderful! Love the photo (the color is marvelous!) — and Instagram is SUCH a great, easy way to get a little creativity out of the day. I’m obsessed with it. I love following you there as well!

    Have a great week!
    Kate x

    • it’s a shame because when there is so much going on, it’s the best time to get the moment, the thoughts, the process all down on paper (or screen as it is). BUT, yeah…you know how it goes.

      Oh, I am so glad we found each other on Instagram….I totally feel like I’m on your Edinburgh adventure with you. I swear, I’m going to miss that town after your studies are done, ha!

  2. Angela:

    I kind of think this should be blown up HUGE and framed.

  3. Shay:

    In this post you mention that sometimes seeing other creative people make you feel boring. I know that feeling but I just want you to rest assure that I find you so inspiring. I am loving looking at your Instagram photos and reading some of your blog posts. You are so creative and have such an eye for beautiful things. Excited to continue following!

    • aww, THANK YOU Shay! You’re one of those people I was excited to find on Instagram. The more community I find, the better! It’s so encouraging and inspiring. Thank you for your kinds words. xo

  4. Brad:

    This. All of this! I couldn’t agree more. I’m addicted to Instagram… and I’m okay with that.

  5. I just returned to blogging after a year plus hiatus – life often seems to get in the way. I’m here from Mom Bloggers Club. Glad to have found your blog.

    • Welcome back to blogging. Oh man, I know…life…it sure does get in the way. :) In the end, blogging is for yourself, so make it happen when you need it and when you can. :) Glad you found me toooo! :)

  6. The picture on this post is breathtaking… and I completely relate on the needed breath away from everything to regroup. Thanks for a great post.

  7. Ioana:


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