whoa baby, i’ve been nominated for an award!


Okay, maybe I should back it up a liiiittle bit. A Lobster WHAT? No guys, a “Liebster,” which apparently means “dearest, beloved” in German. And to my German speaking friends, if I’m off, don’t burst my bubble until tomorrow. I didn’t “check my sources” because it all just sounded so lovely. Hey, I’d happily take a Lobster Award. ;)

The backstory is this — I woke up on Monday with a sweet note from This Little House, a lovely little blog in the UK, saying that they’d nominated me for this Liebster thing. Guys, I was super flattered. And confused. I’m still amazed to find that someone who DOESN’T know me is reading this blog…and that they enjoyed it enough to want to share. Thank you, thank you! I’m starting to feel legit and part of a community.

The Liebster is apparently a little award that is passed around to small, upcoming blogs to help new “talent” get discovered. Totally my word. :) Sounds like a good idea to me! Hey, if no one else knows we’re here, let’s give each other awards!

In all seriousness, it was a WONDERFUL way to start my Monday and I knew it was going to be a great week!

SO HERE’s THE DEAL: I was asked a series of questions (eleven), I answered below, and at the end, I’ll nominate my own blog discoveries (eleven) and create my own series of questions (eleven) to pass on. Hope you enjoy and ya just might get to know a little bit more about me.


if you were stranded on a deserted island what would be your ‘must have’ item?

My iphone. I’m (mainly) kidding about that. :/ Hmmm, probably would have to be a notebook. I don’t think that I could make it on an island alone if I couldn’t write or draw or document. I’d probably have a lot to process, being stranded and all. I guess I’d fashion a writing utensil with my island skills?


what is your biggest fear?

That’s easy. I really am afraid of not reaching my potential. A wasted potential is a rather sad affair. And I want to live an extraordinary life. My idea of extra-ordinary is just that….beyond ordinary. I want to experience what life has to offer and I want to enjoy it and notice it. That’s extraordinary. Being tired and scared and forgetting to dream and be silly and connect — Ordinary. I’m pretty ordinary a lot of the time…but with extraordinary potential. ;) You too.


what is your earliest memory?

I remember being terrified at my 2nd birthday party because I was afraid of the FIRE candles. :) I wasn’t sure when this was so I checked the family albums. Sure enough, that’s photo proof up there. (scroll up). Little Henna terrified of a pink cake in 1984. Don’t worry, it ended well. I also remember the GIGANTIC presents that followed. That was the year I was given a beautiful, bright red little chair of my own. Imagine how gigantic presents are when you are two and 1/2 feet tall. :)


if you could live in any era what would it be?

Oh I donno, but it would definitely be an era that wore hats. Hats every day. New hat every season. Hats.


what is your biggest vice?

Well this is going to sound rather tame in the grand scheme of the true definition of the word. [Vice: Immoral or wicked behavior]. My biggest “vice” is foreign gummy candy. Luckily I don’t care much for most of what I can get my hands on in these united states, but truly, when I find my favorites (usually in duty free shops in airports) or when I am in Scandinavia, I must buy an obscene amount of it and I have NO idea how to ration the stuff out. It’s a child’s habit, but it’s mine.


what would be your dream home?

My dream home would be a self-cleaning home, ha. But really, my dream home would probably be a fairly small (or smaller than my current house) apartment in the center of a faraway bustling city. (I have a long list of cities). The main requirements would be a lovely bathroom and a large terrace. Or maybe I would like a house on the beach. I don’t know, I guess I don’t have a dream home really. If I REALLY dream, I wouldn’t choose. I’d have small (gorgeous) apartments in five different cities around the world. Some would be super modern, one an industrial loft, others ancient and every beam oozing with character. Then again, it might be a pain to own all that and you can always rent apartments by the month. But then you couldn’t decorate them… What was the question again?


what fact would people be surprised to learn about you?

Hmmm, I think there would be quite a few things but I’ll stick to something simple and a daily part of my life. I have to listen to a story in order to fall asleep. Have to. I can be so tired that I’m nauseous and I will still fumble to find a story. These days they are podcasts, but this stems from the days of cassettes. As soon as the story starts, my brain relaxes and I can let go. There are many reasons but we’ll save that for another post. Ooooh, enthralling stuff. Stay tuned! ha.

bonus surprise — OH, also, it would probably be surprising to find out that I haven’t had my hair cut in a salon since I was 18 years old. I chop it myself. Yes, I chose the right word. CHOP. I guess I’m cheap? And maybe a little embarrassed to let a professional see my years of “work”? When I got to be around 25 years old and realized that, WOW, it had been seven years since I’d paid for a haircut — I thought to myself, “might as well hold out and make it an even decade.” But here we are and I’m 30 and it’s been 12 years. Not sure what’s going on now.


what is relaxation to you?

SO oddly, relaxation is not something that I seek out. It makes me a little uncomfortable. I prefer stimulation although honestly, I can be quite lazy. I’m not one who seeks out relaxing vacations; I want to experience new things and go to new places and try new things. I will say, the most relaxed that I have been in years has been the times that I’ve been on Hvar, a Croatian island about an hour away (by speed boat) from my husband’s hometown. I’m not sure what it is about Hvar. It’s not a secluded, quiet island. It’s a very international island with lots of yachts docked, but for some reason when I get to the beach there, I just relax and let go. Oh, I also enjoy a glass of wine. THAT is relaxation to me.


biggest regret?

You’d think that I’d have a lot because I have such a jumpy past but all those mistakes and trials make sense to me now. There’s nothing that really haunts me. If I had to choose a regret though, it would be that I am 30 years old and without any true expertise in one area. I have never stayed committed to one thing for long enough that I could qualify as an expert. I really respect people who dedicate and develop themselves in a focused area. I’m a little late to the game but I’m working on it.


favourite all time film?

Oh man, I don’t know. Truly, I don’t know. I just don’t really ever make a mental list that I’d remember. The only thing that is jumping out right now is what I would have answered if you asked me when I was nine or 11. I’d say “Captain Blood” which is a 1935 adventure/romance film starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. I just loved the sword fights and the beautiful heroine and I could still squeal when I think about them kissing at the end. I honestly don’t even know if it’s a “good” film or not, it’s not the type of film I watch these days…but it definitely was one of my top three requested movies when I was a girl. I’m smiling just typing this.


if you could be anyone for a day who would it be?

I donno. Mateo? I feel like he has it pretty good. HE might beg to differ, but the life of an 18 month old seems pretty sweet. Just for a day anyway.

                                                                       .    .    .


Enough about ME.

Nomination time! (Sorry not quite eleven. I fibbed). Some of these don’t quite qualify as being tiny blogs but I’m new to blogging and these are the ones that have caught my attention this month for good or honest writing, or for lovely photography which I’m always a sucker for.

Let’s pass on this Liebster:

casual friday

violet lulu

lo and behold

this little mum

my suitcase heart

one claire day

hello sisilia

soph & lulu


Hope you’ll join in and have as much fun as I did, and please visit This Little House of Ours for all of the details.


My questions for you are:

Did you collect anything as a child? What?

If you had the time/money to take any class and learn any skill, what would it be?

What is your idea of a dream vacation?

What is the best costume you’ve ever worn?

What story does your family always tell about you, whether you like it or not.

At what age did you feel that you’d become an adult?

If you could speak any language what would it be?

In what unexpected ways have you found that you are becoming your mother or father?

What’s the most used paint color in your home?

What’s your favorite book, or at least up there?

What’s your favorite quote?

                                                                       .    .    .

And to my readers — I’d LOVE to see some of YOUR answers in the comments! Join in!

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22 Thoughts on “whoa baby, i’ve been nominated for an award!

  1. Sarah Alicea:

    very fun blog, henna! Just started reading it and love it!

    • yay, so happy to have you along for the ride! :)

  2. Elizabeth:

    Love it Henna! I also want to live an extra ordinary life. Cheers to that! XO

    • pretty sure that’s where we’re headed! YES, Cheers to that!

  3. Shirley:

    Love this post!

  4. JaeHi:

    Congratulations! Many more nominations and awards to you!

  5. Congratulations! This is fantastic. So glad you found us over at ohhellothirty.com. I am LOVING your blog, your voice is beautiful. It can be challenging to put yourself out there. Keep it up! Can’t wait to read your post on marriage :)



    • Thanks, Nicole! I’ll be sure to let you know when I’m done with the post. Still in the “musings” phase. ha. :) Was so interesting to discover you guys right as you posted on a topic that I’ve been mulling over. Gotta love that!

  6. Thanks for the nod!

  7. Henna!
    Thanks for mentioning us in your bloggy list! We are honored and look forward to writing up our Liebster nod post :) Love you’re blog too btw!

  8. Aki:

    “Captain Blood?” Didn’t know that about you? Time to add it on Netflix!

  9. what wonderful and insightful answers! and the pictures of you as a kid, toooo cute! looking forward to checking out your nominations.
    have a lovely weekend with your gorgeous family x

  10. Congrats on being nominated!
    Thank you so much for linking back to me and nominating me too!
    I appreciate it so much! Made my day!

  11. Gifford Neill:

    Just got back from Texas & stopped by.

    • Hope you had a nice trip. Looks like we aren’t the only ones who have been traveling!

  12. Christina Mundaca:

    My answer to the question, “In what unexpected ways have you found that you are becoming your mother or father?”.. Wellll, I love that question because just recently (past year or so) I see a reflection of my mother in myself. It’s so funny because when I was a teenager and early 20′s, I felt my mom and I had nothing in common. Now, I can’t get enough of her. I find myself talking like her, laughing like her, even down to cooking like her! :) It’s lovely..and I wouldn’t want to be like anyone else. It’s crazy cause people even tell me..”wow Christina, you and your mom are exactly alike” :) Love it!

    • aww, love that. :) I just think of your mother as “joy” so that is definitely a good direction to be going! :)

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