you and i are more

summer in Split, Croatia with our toddlerI haven’t been feeling so hot lately. I started feeling like I was coming down with something before we left Croatia. That was two weeks ago. Every time I am just about myself again, I’m not. I think I’m on the mend though. I’ve been laying low the past couple days. Mateo and I have watched Disney’s Dumbo more times than I care to admit. He’s actually quite obsessed. Elephants, and trains, and music, OH MY.

I found this ^^ photo from one of our last days in Split, Croatia (where we spent most of time). This was our summer. Us together. On our little adventure. Thank you, Elizabeth, for snapping the photo!

Now, most days were nothing to write home about. The hardest days were stressful, the average days were filled with routine and such, but the best days made me feel like so much was possible. There’s something to being away that makes you want to pack in more. There’s an urgency to “take advantage” of it all. At home or away, I think we all feel that way about summer in general.

It’s every day. Don’t forget.

I get especially bummed out, lethargic, and overwhelmed  when I’m not feeling well. Not so open and not so inspired.

It’s good I married a man who pushes me. I have big ideas and dreamer tendencies, but I also get stuck in my head so easily. Aki makes things happen. He doesn’t seem to have a bummed out, lethargic, or overwhelmed bone in his body.

This summer we had so much more time together. We had so many more conversations about how we want our life to look, about what is possible, and what makes us happy. What I like best about “us” is that we push each other. Sometimes shove (figurative, don’t worry)…and that’s what keeps our life so interesting. I think Mateo agrees.

This is my adventure. I mean, our adventure.

you and i are more

than you and i

because it’s we


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10 Thoughts on “you and i are more

  1. Angela:

    Love you guys. :) Yay for possibilities and scheming in the midst of “routine”.

    • i like that. :) yay for possibilities and scheming in the midst of routine! xo

  2. LOVE this picture of the three of you. just beautiful.
    sounds to me like your body is adjusting after so much change (weather, time zones, environment) these past few months. you’ll be back fitting fit in no time, world better watch out ;)
    oh and if mateo had a blog…i’d totally read it :)

    • you always know the right thing to say! by the way, I just had a cup of coffee and I’m already feeling a liiiitle bit of “watch our world.” :) coffee…

  3. Jessica:

    This was so sincere. You both inspire Ross and I, miss you guys!

    • Miss you too! We better get that dinner planned stat!

  4. M&K:

    Lovely photo! You guys look so beautiful together. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  5. That picture is like something out of a magazine. You have such a beautiful family! I am sorry you are feeling so down, I hope things pick up soon. I’m sending positive vibes your way ♥

  6. Oh, bummer that you haven’t been feeling well! Hoping things are on the up again soon. xo.

  7. Love this photo. Yea, I think we as women in general spend so much time thinking in our own heads, we forget to just do. I am so guilty of that. Ugh! Definitely a good thing to have a dude that just “does” — it keeps you motivated. xx

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